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Weitz Morgan
Mediation Group

 Founded in 2021

Once legal proceedings ensue, the system takes over, and in the procedural and adversarial tangle, lawyers have few options to efficiently assist their clients in reaching resolution. Mediation is an attorney's best shot at concluding a matter without the cost, burden, and risk of trial. After years of practicing civil litigation, we recognized that more should and could be done to help advocates give more control over the outcome of a case back to their clients. Upon this realization, we formed Weitz Morgan Mediation Group and set out to make mediation the forum for dispute resolution and to help our attorney colleagues provide effective representation.  


- Mark A. Weitz & Kristi Morgan Aronica, Founders

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Weitz Morgan Mediation Group

Our Mission

Our mission is to support attorneys efficiently achieve just outcomes for their clients and to provide an effective forum for parties to reach resolution with dignity. 

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Mark A. Weitz

Attorney, Mediator, Arbitrator; Civil Litigation

Mr. Weitz has more than 35 years representing clients in courtrooms and negotiations throughout Texas and across the country. Licensed to practice law in Texas since 1983 and in Florida since 1988, he is an experienced civil and appellate litigation specialist.


With victories at the trial court and appellate levels and countless mediations and arbitrations over his expansive career, Mr. Weitz's depth and breadth of experience provides impactful results to those with which he works.


A gifted trial lawyer and litigator with exceptional knowledge of procedure and strategy and a proven track record of success in resolving cases, Mr. Weitz provides top-level dispute resolution services to attorneys representing clients in diverse industries.


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Telephone: 512-657-1849

Our Professionals


"He Is No Lawyer Who Cannot Take Two Sides"

Charles Lamb

Value 01.


The most critical value a mediator must possess and operate from is impartiality. Without it, trust in the mediator and in the process is lost.


Attorneys and their clients must know that despite professional relationships, personal beliefs, past experiences or representations, the mediator's devotion is first and foremost to the duty of impartiality.  

Weitz Morgan Mediation Group takes exceptional steps to ensure that this value pervades the practice and is unambiguously clear at all times to those with whom we work. 

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