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Introducing our law firm

Supporting & Serving Our Fellow Attorneys
In Effectively Achieving Just Outcomes For Clients 

Our Practice

A lawyer's chief aim is to attain a just outcome for the client. Mediation is the most efficient way to do this and offers parties realistic control over the outcome of their dispute. After years of practicing in the adversarial system, experiencing the struggles of law practice, and witnessing the burdens on clients of protracted litigation, our principles decided it was time to improve the mediation process to make it more effective.  


Founded by two attorneys with a combined 50+ years of civil litigation experience, Weitz Morgan Mediation Group provides dispute resolution services to attorneys and their clients nationwide. In order to create an environment where parties believe that voluntary resolution makes better sense than trial, we utilize innovative, proprietary methods and our extensive legal expertise to help lawyers help their clients arrive at mutual resolution.


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Our Guiding Principles


To Support & Serve Counsel

Attorneys work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for their clients. We are their trusted and empathetic ally in that endeavor.


To Provide An Effective Forum

Clients need results efficiently and quickly. We offer accessibility and a proven approach to help them reach this goal.


To Guide To A Point Of Agreement 

Parties and their attorneys advocate. We provide the neutral, reasoned voice leading to   common ground and resolution.


To Impact The Adversarial System

Litigants and counsel maneuver through a seemingly interminable legal apparatus. We strive for realistic control over outcomes.

Our Founders

"How Much More Grievous Are the Consequences of Anger Than the Cause of It."

Marcus Aurelius

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Weitz Morgan Mediation Group

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