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Mediation & Arbitration


Weitz Morgan Mediation Group's attorneys provide mediation services at any stage of the litigation and across a wide-spectrum of matters with particular specialties in federal government contracting, insurance, and healthcare. The goal of mediation is to arrive at a written settlement on terms the parties believe is the best approach for them in order to avoid the expense and emotional strain of litigation. To that end, our attorneys offer mediation services that engender authenticity, communication, and reality. 


We are attorneys and therefore understand that comprehensive preparation is key to any negotiation. Accordingly, we employ pre-mediation support techniques to ensure counsel for the parties are easily able to provide us with the requisite information we need to come fully ready to dive into the merits. We engage in pre-mediation calls to establish rapport with participating attorneys and provide tool-kits for success to counsel to gather information, convey that to us in an efficient manner, and to educate their clients. While we provide post-mediation support, the aim is to arrive at a place of compromise during our time together. So we structure and facilitate our mediations efficiently from engagement to the session's end. 

With experience in innumerable mediations, our attorneys have been exposed to a variety of settlement arrangements. Thus, we are able to present counsel and their clients with creative solutions when circumstances arise that may create an impasse or when the parties seem adrift and resigned to trial. 

We want our constituents to be successful and for us that means doing what we can to help parties and their attorneys arrive at the best possible outcome to the dispute and in a way that - to the extent possible in litigation - everyone feels at ease about. To that end, we focus on ensuring that we rigorously pursue resolution but not at the expense of the well-being of the attorneys and their clients. Our practice centers on the totality of the dynamics at play in the dispute resolution process to ensure that we efficiently, effectively, and with equanimity arrive at a shared objective. 


While our main focus is mediations, Weitz Morgan Mediation Group also offers arbitration services in the fields of insurance, healthcare, and federal government contracting. A unique benefit of the arbitration of disputes is that the parties are able to choose subject matter experts to hear and decide their case. To that end, attorneys and their clients need to carefully choose arbitrators with deep knowledge in the salient points of law on which the dispute centers. Our attorneys have years of experience is insurance, healthcare, and government contracts litigation and have spent time on both sides of the docket and therefore the issues. 

Additionally, litigation philosophy is important when choosing an arbitrator. We support arbitrations that are conducted in a manner that fully allows for the parties to make and present their case. However, we strive to ensure that arbitrations are also managed in a manner that is less restrictive and more expedited than traditional litigation in judicial forums. When the parties choose arbitration and are paying for those services and for the time of an arbitrator, costs can add up quickly. Therefore, it is important to arrive at resolution in an expedited manner. 

In short, our attorney arbitrators are competent and skilled subject matter experts and litigation specialists who conduct proceedings expeditiously and with the fair treatment of the parties and the process.

 50+ Years of Accumulated Experience

Pricing Overview

Weitz Morgan Mediation Group offers the industry standard flat-rate pricing for its mediation services. Attorneys serving as arbitrators bill hourly based on experience and on expertise in the subject matter of the dispute. 

We invite you to contact us to set a time to discuss your needs, our services, and obtain more information on our policies and pricing.

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